uWSGI 2.0.11



  • [pypy] fixed misuse of ffi.string

  • fixed detection for gcc 5 (jimfunk)

  • fixed shared sockets for gateways

  • [psgi] Changed abs to labs because offset is declared as a long (Peter H. Ezetta)

  • add null terminator to uwsgi_get_dot_h() and uwsgi_config_py() (Jay Oster)

  • fixed thread waiting during stop/restart (Kaiwen Xu)

  • fixed chain reloading verbosity

  • [python] fixed spooler job reference counting (Curtis Maloney)

  • various static analysis improvements (Riccardo Magliocchetti)

  • fixed sharedarea support for very big ranges

  • fixed gzip transformation for zero-sized responses (Curtis Maloney)

  • fixed management of https client certificate authentication (Vladimir Didenko)

  • fixed OpenBSD build

  • fixed TMPFILE permissions

New Features

The mem_collector thread

Evil memory monitors (like –evil-reload-on-rss) are now asynchronously managed by a dedicated thread.

This solves the issue of runaway processes not catched by the master.

fixpathinfo routing action

This is another step in removing the need of the infamous uwsgi_modifier1 30 relic.

This routing action assumes the PATH_INFO cgi var has the SCRIPT_NAME part included.

This action allows you to set SCRIPT_NAME in nginx without bothering to rewrite the PATH_INFO (something nginx cannot afford)

; blindly assumes PATH_INFO is clobbered with SCRIPT_NAME
route-run = fixpathinfo:

uwsgi[sor] and time[micros] routing vars

This two new vars exposes the start of the current request (in micros) and the current time (again in micros)

route-run = log:request started at ${uwsgi[sor]}
route-run = log:current micros time is ${time[micros]}


This works like wait-for-fs/iface/file/dir

The spawn of the instance is suspended until the specified tcp/unix socket is ready.

You can use it to synchronize vassals spawn (like stopping a vassal until a postgresql server has been spawned)

wait_for hooks

All of the wait-for-* functions can now be used as a hook:

; wait for postgres soon after privileges drop
hook-as-user = wait_for_socket:


You can download uWSGI 2.0.11 from