uWSGI 2.0.10



  • Don’t lower security standards with gcc 4.9 (Riccardo Magliocchetti)

  • Perl/PSGI make sure that at least two params are passed to xs_input_seek (Ivan Kruglov)

  • Per/PSGI fixed multiple interpreters usage

  • spooler: fixed scandir usage

  • fixed exception handler arguments management

  • fixed ‘log-master’ + ‘daemonize2’ disables all logging

  • fixed http Range header management

New Features

safeexec hook

this is like ‘exec’ but do not exit on error even if the executed command returns a non-zero value

backported –emperor-wrapper-fallback and –emperor-wrapper-override

the –emperor-wrapper-fallback option allows you to specify an alternative binary to execute when running a vassal and the default binary_path is not found (or returns an error). (you can specify it multiple times)

The –emperor-wrapper-override is similar but ‘overrides’ the default wrapper (you can specify it multiple times)

added support for UNIX sockets to rsyslog

The rsyslog logger can now get a unix socket as address (arguments starting with a slash are recognized as a unix path)

forcecl transformation

this transformation works like ‘fixcl’ but generates the Content-Length header even if Content-Length has been listed for removal.


You can download uWSGI 2.0.10 from