The Pty plugin

  • Available since uWSGI 1.9.15, supported on Linux, OpenBSD, FreeBSD and OSX

This plugin allows you to attach pseudo terminals to your applications.

Currently the pseudoterminal server can be attached (and exposed over network) only on the first worker (this limit will be removed in the future).

The plugin exposes a client mode too (avoiding you to mess with netcat, telnet or screen settings)

Building it

The plugin is not included in the default build profiles, so you have to build it manually:

python --plugin plugins/pty [profile]

(remember to specify the build profile if you are not using the default one)

Example 1: Rack application shared debugging

./uwsgi --rbshell="require 'pry';binding.pry" --socket /tmp/foo.socket --master --pty-socket :5000
./uwsgi --pty-connect :5000

Example 2: IPython control thread

import IPython
from uwsgidecorators import *

# only worker 1 has the pty attached
def tshell():
    while True: