Configuring uWSGI with LDAP

uWSGI can be configured using LDAP. LDAP is a flexible way to centralize configuration of large clusters of uWSGI servers.


LDAP support must be enabled while building uWSGI. The libldap library is required.

Importing the uWSGIConfig schema

Running uWSGI with the –ldap-schema or –ldap-schema-ldif parameter will make it output a standard LDAP schema (or an LDIF file) that you can import into your server.

An example LDIF dump

This is an LDIF dump of an OpenLDAP server with a uWSGIConfig entry, running a Trac instance.

dn: dc=projects,dc=unbit,dc=it
objectclass: uWSGIConfig
objectclass: domain
dc: projects
uWSGIsocket: /var/run/uwsgi/
uWSGIhome: /accounts/unbit/tracvenv
uWSGImodule: trac.web.main:dispatch_request
uWSGImaster: TRUE
uWSGIprocesses: 4
uWSGIenv: TRAC_ENV=/accounts/unbit/trac/uwsgi


You only need to pass a valid LDAP url to the –ldap option. Only the first entry returned will be used as configuration.

If you want a filter with sub scope (this will return the first record under the tree dc=projects,dc=unbit,dc=it with ou=Unbit):