uWSGI 2.0.7

Changelog [20140905]


  • fixed counters in Statsd plugin (Joshua C. Forest)

  • fixed caching in PHP plugin (Andrew Bevitt)

  • fixed management of system users starting with a number

  • fixed request body readline using memmove instead of memcpy (Andrew Wason)

  • ignore “user” namespace in setns (still a source of problems)

  • fixed Python3 RPC bytes/string mess (result: we support both)

  • do not destroy the Emperor on failed mount hooks

  • fixed symbol lookup error in the Mono plugin on OS X (Ventero)

  • fixed FastCGI and SCGI protocols error when out of buffer happens

  • fixed Solaris/SmartOS I/O management

  • fixed two memory leaks in the RPC subsystem (Riccardo Magliocchetti)

  • fixed the Rados plugin’s PUT method (Martin Mlynář)

  • fixed multiple Python mountpoints with multiple threads in cow mode

  • stats UNIX socket is now deleted by vacuum

  • fixed off-by-one corruption in cache LRU mode

  • force single-CPU build in Cygwin (Guido Notari)

New Features and improvements

Allow calling the spooler from every CPython context

At Europython 2014, Ultrabug (an uWSGI contributor and packager) asked for the possibility to spool tasks directly from a greenlet.


store_delete cache2 option

Author: goir

The store_delete flag of the –cache2 option allows you to force the cache engine to automatically remove invalid backing store files instead of steadfastly refusing to launch.

file logger rotation

Author: Riccardo Magliocchetti

The file logger has been extended to allow the use of rotation (the same system used by the non-pluggable –logto).


Vassal plugin hooks

The plugin hook API has been extended with two new hooks: vassal and vassal_before_exec.

They allow customizing a vassal soon after its process has been created.

The first third-party plugin using it is ‘apparmor’: https://github.com/unbit/uwsgi-apparmor

This allows you to apply an Apparmor profile to a vassal.

Broodlord improvements

The Broodlord subsystem has been improved with a new option: –vassal-sos that automatically ask for reinforcement when all of the workers of an instance are busy.

In addition to this a sysadmin can now manually ask for reinforcement sending the ‘B’ command to the master FIFO of an instance.


uWSGI 2.0.7 has been released on 20140905, and you can download it from