uWSGI 2.0.4

Changelog [20140422]


  • fixed “mime” routing var (Steve Stagg)

  • allow duplicate headers in http parsers

  • faster on_demand Emperor management

  • fixed UWSGI_ADDITIONAL_SOURCES build option

  • merge duplicated headers when SPDY is enabled (Łukasz Mierzwa)

  • fixed segfault for unnamed loggers

  • –need-app works in lazy-apps mode

  • fixed fatal hooks management

New features

The experimental asyncio loop engine (CPython >= 3.4)

asyncio (also known as ‘tulip’) is the new infrastructure for writing non-blocking/async/callback-based code with Python 3.

This (experimental) plugin allows you to use asyncio as the uWSGI loop engine.

Docs: https://uwsgi-docs.readthedocs.io/en/latest/asyncio.html

httprouter advanced timeout management

The HTTP router learned 2 new specific timeouts:

  • –http-headers-timeout <n>: defines the timeout while waiting for http headers

  • –http-connect-timeout <n>: defines the timeout when connecting to backend instances

These should help sysadmins to improve security and availability.

Credits: Łukasz Mierzwa

allow disabling cache warnings in –cache2

Author: Łukasz Mierzwa

The ‘ignore_full’ keyval option has been added to cache2. This will disable warnings when a cache is full.

purge LRU cache feature by Yu Zhao (getcwd)

This new mode allows you to configure a cache to automatically expire the least recently used (LRU) items to make space when it’s running out.

Just add purge_lru=1 into your cache2 directive.

support embedded config on FreeBSD

You can now embed configuration files into the binary also on FreeBSD systems:


RPC hook

Two new hooks have been added:

  • ‘rpc’ -> call the specified RPC function (fails on error)

  • ‘rpcretry’ -> call the specified RPC function (retries on error)

setmodifier1 and setmodifier2 routing actions

Having to load the ‘uwsgi’ routing plugin to simply set modifiers was really annoying.

These two new routing options allow you to dynamically set request modifiers.

no_headers option for static router

keyval based static routing actions can now avoid rewriting response headers (useful for X-Sendfile), just add no_headers=1 to your keyval options.


uWSGI 2.0.4 has been released on 20140422, you can download it from: