uWSGI 2.0.2

Changelog 20140226


  • fixed python3 support on older compilers/libc

  • allow starting in spooler-only mode

  • fixed cache bitmap support and added test suite (credits: Danila Shtan)

  • fixed ftime log var

  • added async remote signal management

  • fixed end-for and end-if

  • fixed loop in internal-routing response chain

  • fixed pypy execute_source usage

  • logpipe: Don’t setsid() twice (credits: INADA Naoki)

New features and improvements

CGI plugin

The plugin has been improved to support streaming.

In addition to this the long-awaited async support is finally ready. Now you can have CGI concurrency without spawning a gazillion of expensive threads/processes

Check: Running CGI scripts on uWSGI

PSGI loading improvements

The PSGI loader now tries to use Plack::Util::load_psgi() function instead of simple eval. This addresses various inconsistences in the environment (like the double parsing/compilation/execution of psgi scripts).

If the Plack module is not available, a simple do-based code is used (very similar to load_psgi)

Many thanks to Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason of booking.com for having discovered the problem


uWSGI 2.0.2 can be downloaded from: https://projects.unbit.it/downloads/uwsgi-2.0.2.tar.gz