uWSGI 2.0.13



  • Fix compilation with GCC 6
  • Remote rpc fixes (Darvame)
  • Musl support! (Natanael Copa, Matt Dainty, Riccardo Magliocchetti)
  • Create the spooler directory if it does not exist (Alexandre Bonnetain)
  • Fix compilation on big endian linux (Riccardo Magliocchetti)
  • A ton of cache fixes (Darvame)
  • Make it easier to compile plugins on a different directory (Jakub Jirutka)
  • Add wheel package machinery (Matt Robenolt)
  • Use EPOLLEXCLUSIVE for reading, helps with the thundering herd problem (on linux 4.5+) (INADA Naoki)
  • Fix apache 2.4 integration with unix sockets (Alexandre Rossi)
  • Add HTTP/2 support to apache 2 proxy (Michael Fladischer, OGAWA Hirofumi)
  • Fix apache mod proxy compilation with apache 2.4.20 (Mathieu Arnold)
  • Default to clang as default compiler on MacOS X (Riccardo Magliocchetti)
  • Added –cgi-close-stdin-on-eof (Roberto De Ioris)


You can download uWSGI 2.0.13 from https://projects.unbit.it/downloads/uwsgi-2.0.13.tar.gz