uWSGI 1.9.5

Changelog 20130404


  • fixed a memory leak with cachestore routing instruction (Riccardo Magliocchetti)

  • fixed a memory leak in carbon plugin (Riccardo Magliocchetti)

  • fixed a memory leak in the cgi plugin (Riccardo Magliocchetti)

  • fixed old-style python dynamic apps

  • force the emperor to honour –max-fd for vassals

  • improved PSGI seek with post-buffering

  • fixed kvlist escaping

New features

The GridFS plugin

A plugin exporting GridFS features is available, check official docs: The GridFS plugin

V8 improvements

The V8 plugin continues to improve. Preliminary JSGI 3.0 support is available as well as multithreading.

The ‘require’ commonjs standard has been implemented.

Writing commonjs specs will be a very long work, so maybe a partnership with projects like teajs (the old v8cgi) would be a better path to follow.

In the mean time, we are working on docs: uWSGI V8 support

The ‘cgi’ routing instruction

You can now call CGI script directly from the uWSGI internal routing

plugin = cgi
route = ^/cgi-bin/(.+) cgi:/usr/lib/cgi-bin/$1


uWSGI 1.9.5 will be available since 20130404 at this url