uWSGI 1.9.2

Changelog 20130326


Fixed python3 response headers managament (wrong refcnt)

Fixed readline() on request body when postbuffering is in place

Fixed ruby fiber plugin

New features

route-run and the cachestore routing action

You can now store responses automatically in the uWSGI cache:

http-socket = :9090
; ensure the sweeper thread will run
master = true
cache2 = name=pippo2,items=10
module = werkzeug.testapp:test_app
route-run = cache:key=${REQUEST_URI},name=pippo2
route-run = cachestore:key=${REQUEST_URI},expires=30,name=pippo2

this example check every request for its availability in the cache ‘pippo2’. If not available the request plugin (werkzeug test app) will run normally and its output will be stored in the cache (only if it returns a HTTP 200 status)

--route-run is a new option allowing you to directly call routing action without checking for a specific condition (yes, it is an optimization)

empty internal routing condition

Check updated docs uWSGI internal routing

The Geoip plugin

Check official docs The GeoIP plugin

The SSI plugin (beta)

Check official docs SSI (Server Side Includes) plugin


uWSGI 1.9.2 has been released on 20130326 and can be downloaded from: