Integration with Graphite/Carbon

Graphite is a kick-ass realtime graphing application built on top of three components:

  • Whisper – a data storage system

  • Carbon – a server for receiving data

  • Python web application for graph rendering and management.

The uWSGI Carbon plugin allows you to send uWSGI’s internal statistics to one or more Carbon servers. It is compiled in by default as of uWSGI 1.0, though it can also be built as a plugin.


For the sake of illustration, let’s say your Carbon server is listening on and your uWSGI instance is on the machine debian32, listening on with 4 processes. By adding the --carbon option to your uWSGI instance you’ll instruct it to send its statistics to the Carbon server periodically. The default period is 60 seconds.

uwsgi --socket --carbon --processes 4

Metrics are named like uwsgi.<hostname>.<id>.requests and uwsgi.<hostname>.<id>.worker<n>.requests, where:

  • hostname – machine’s hostname

  • id – name of the first uWSGI socket (with dots replaced by underscores)

  • n – number of the worker processes (1-based).

Examples of names of Carbon metrics generated by uWSGI:

  • uwsgi.debian32.127_0_0_1:3031.requests (uwsgi.<hostname>.<id>.requests)

  • uwsgi.debian32.127_0_0_1:3031.worker1.requests (uwsgi.<hostname>.<id>.worker<n>.requests)

  • uwsgi.debian32.127_0_0_1:3031.worker2.requests (uwsgi.<hostname>.<id>.worker<n>.requests)

  • uwsgi.debian32.127_0_0_1:3031.worker3.requests (uwsgi.<hostname>.<id>.worker<n>.requests)

  • uwsgi.debian32.127_0_0_1:3031.worker4.requests (uwsgi.<hostname>.<id>.worker<n>.requests).